Nov 25


So here is my mom’s authentic italian meatball recipe… I hope you enjoy.  I plan on posting some photo next time I make them, perhaps a little video as well.

Before we get into it, I just want to point out again, a meatball recipe can change form the littlest changes in the recipe, as well as how it’s cooked.

Here it is:

I hope you enjoy my mothers italian meatball recipe!

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Nov 23

I was always told to attain the best Italian meatball recipe, you have to do a bit of testing, and trial and error.  You can be given a recipe, follow it word for word, but still have skewed results in terms of texture and taste.

So why is this?

Well it’s all part of making meatballs unfortunately, it’s also the fun and challenge behind it… Other than that the meatball sauce you are using can drastically change the flavor.  Are you planning on cooking your meatballs in a  separate sauce?  Or, are you throwing them in your pasta recipe?  Sometimes it’s better to make your Italian meatballs in a separate dish, that way nothing can disturb the taste you are going for.

Baked Italian meatball recipe, Or Fried?  I personally prefer to let them bake in a tasty homemade sauce, again this is another way to change the flavor of your meatball recipe.

I wll be providing all the details of the recipe I use shortly, In the meantime there are some really good recipes out there… I personally like to check out Amazon for some great cooking books.

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Nov 13

What makes the tastiest meatball recipe?

Well, in my opinion you need have a good variety of ingredients, however; you need  to blend just the right amount of everything to get that great authentic taste.   For an Italian meatball recipe you need:

  • a variety of meats, not just beef
  • at least 3 cheeses (this is the secret)
  • and a blend of spices (just a pinch, you don’t want to spoil it!)
  • breadcrumbs?
  • your favorite tomato sauce (home made is the better choice here)

If you haven’t attempted to make meatballs based off the list above, then i don’t think those taste buds of yours have gotten to experience the great authentic italian taste.  Just wait till you try the recipe, you won’t EVER look for another one again.

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